Welcome to the Global Observatory for Accurate Livestock Sciences. In a world stirred up by an abundance of information and bias, we aim to curate such evidence topic-by-topic on the livestock sciences that is most relevant, accurate and objective. Along with our partners, we strive to highlight actionable insights on livestock production and consumption and with it inspire all our users to work jointly towards a sustainable global food system. 

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PLANET Food System Explorer

PLANET – Projecting Livestock, Agriculture, Nature, Ecology and Technologies.

PLANET is an interactive tool you can use to examine how raw-materials and resources flow through the global food system from the production phase to becoming foods and other goods. PLANET will continuously be updated with additional data sources, scenarios and types of flows. The core of PLANET is the Food Balance Sheet database provided by FAO.

Coming soon in 2022


Here you will find quick news and insights related to a current or previous topic covered by a documentary.

Sources, Facts & Figures

The database of scientific sources which we use in our work, or which we can recommend as reliable sources of data and analysis is listed here. This database will continue to grow as we explore the food system more deeply and do more research to find trusted sources of information. You can search by topic, key word or alphabetically.
Contact us if you would like to read up on a specific topic that has not been listed in our database yet.

Scenario Builder

In the future you will be able to set your own parameters for scenarios and thereby analyze how the future of the food system may unfold under different assumptions. We will inform you as soon as this tool is ready.


We develop documentaries where we deep-dive into a topic and present state-of-the-art knowledge and insights gained on the subject. Our library of documentaries will grow over time, and the documentaries will be regularly updated as new research is done.

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